Acrylic and vinylon

Update:14 Jun 2019

Acrylic (Alon, Cashmere, Axel) It has the characteristi […]

Acrylic (Alon, Cashmere, Axel)

It has the characteristics of fluffiness, softness, warmth, etc., such as light weight, high price, bright color, high degree of table, no mold, no need to burn after washing. Suitable for autumn and winter clothing fabrics, such as acrylic sweaters, spinning suede coats, and blankets.

Vinylon (Vinyl, Yarn, Cola)

After blending vinylon with cotton, it became a popular cotton fabric in the domestic market. Velon fabric is very similar to cotton cloth. It is the closest in nature to cotton fiber in synthetic fiber. Because it is used in clothing in China, it is mostly used in bedding, so it is not introduced.