Acrylic fiber

Update:12 Oct 2019

1. Cotton staple fiber 1.65~2.75dtex (1.5~2.5 denier) K […]

1. Cotton staple fiber 1.65~2.75dtex (1.5~2.5 denier)

Knitwear: cotton sweater pants, ball pants, knitted outerwear, etc.

2. Short staple fiber 3.3~16.5dtex (3.0~15 denier)

(1) blended with polyester can be made into wool-like medium and long fabric

(2) Acrylic blankets, piles, bedspreads, pillow covers, carpets, curtains

(3) blended with wool to make wool, blanket

(3) 9.9~16.5dtex (9~15 denier) can be used as artificial fur and carpet

3. Tops

Can be made into expanded wool, knitted velvet, hat, scarf

4. Composite fiber

Acrylic fiber made of two or more components, which has strong hair feel and can be used for fabrics such as various yarns, blankets and carpets.