Advantages of knitted jersey fabric

Update:03 Jun 2020

Suzhou Xuancai Baike Textile Technology Co., Ltd. will […]

Suzhou Xuancai Baike Textile Technology Co., Ltd. will tell you that the reason why modern knitted fabrics are widely loved is not only because the color and style are better, but also has many unique advantages, such as:

1. The anti-wrinkle ability of knitted fabrics is also much stronger than some other fabrics. The coils can be transferred to adapt to the shape of the stress variable; when the wrinkle force disappears, the yarn transfers and recovers quickly, and maintains the original state.

2. Knitted jersey has strong elasticity. The yarn bending loop made of knitted fabric is stringed together, coils, and everything around the stretchable range, so it has good elasticity, wears close-fitting, comfortable and convenient, suitable for human stretching, bending and other requirements.

3. Knitted fabric is fluffy and soft, without twisted yarn, and there is a layer of suede on the surface of the fabric, plus the porous structure composed of loops is loose, between the skin and the surface that reduces the friction of the fabric surface, giving a comfortable and soft feeling due to the knitted fabric The loops are composed of strings, so many fabrics form airbags with isolation inside, good thermal insulation and breathability. In addition, plant and animal fibers have a certain ability to absorb, especially cotton fibers have good hygroscopic properties. So wearing cotton knitwear in the summer feels cooler and has no discomfort.