Nonwovens products and applications

Update:16 Aug 2019

1. Non-woven fabric for medical and health Fabrics for […]

1. Non-woven fabric for medical and health
Fabrics for diapers and sanitary napkins; surgical blouses, caps, shoe covers, masks, masks, hospital patients, bed sheets, mattresses, pillowcases, anti-bacterial curtains; wet towels, cotton balls, sterile cloths; white blood cell separation materials, Artificial skin; basic materials for labor protection clothing in the case of radiation; medical tape base cloth, bandage base cloth, wound dressing, wound cushion, blood-sucking cloth.

2, non-woven fabrics for home decoration, carpet and floor covering materials, carpet backing, curtains and curtains, tablecloths, bedspreads, wall coverings, mattresses, furniture coverings, artificial turf.

(4) Non-woven fabrics for clothing

Various clothing linings; winter warm flakes; outerwear and underwear;

Fashion accessories (clothing labels, lace, bras, shoulder pads, etc.).

(v) Footwear and imitation leather nonwovens

Fabric, artificial suede;

Lining of shoes, purses and suitcases;

Intermediate lining and support (reinforced) material.

(vi) Filter material

Conventional filter media: for air conditioning, kitchen smoke filters, beverage liquid filtration, etc.;

High temperature resistant, corrosion resistant filter: Used to filter high temperature, corrosive exhaust and dust emitted from industrial furnaces.

(7) Geotextile

Underground drainage irrigation with geotextile seepage ditch;

Geotextile for drainage and separation used in highway and railway construction;

Geotechnical fabric for reinforcement of bank slope dyke; geotextile for bridge engineering; waste stacking pool; impervious geotextile for artificial pool; waterproof asphalt base fabric.
(eight) Automotive industry

Seat covers, sun visors, soft padding for doors, gaskets and covering materials for roof and luggage compartments, insulation and sound insulation materials, vaporizers, air filters, base fabrics for tufted carpets; needle-punched looped molded carpets, sofas Padded material.

(9) Industrial non-woven fabrics

Oil absorption materials for oil removal in ports and oil recovery in offshore oil recovery areas;

Electrical insulating material; battery separator cloth; industrial polishing material;

Glass steel tube reinforced substrate, industrial tape substrate, industrial hose substrate.

(10) Agricultural non-woven fabrics

Household harvest cloth, anti-frost cloth, pest control cloth, soil moisturizing cloth, nursery cloth, greenhouse greenhouse.

(11) Household goods non-woven fabric

Wipe cloth, shoe cloth, suit cover, bag cloth, bedding collection bag, pillowcase, seat cover sand cover, gift bag, tea bag, kitchen filter residue, water filter bag.