Blended fabric:

Update:06 Sep 2019

The blended chemical fiber fabric is a textile product […]

The blended chemical fiber fabric is a textile product of chemical fiber and other cotton wool, silk, hemp and other natural fiber mixed spinning. For example: polyester cotton cloth, polyester hair huada and so on.

Main points of washing, ironing, collecting and keeping of fabric products:

1, the key parts of clothing should pay attention to the shape, such as shoulders, collars, cuffs, etc., especially the hard collar finished by resin, must be brushed.

2, with a typical style of fabric, should pay attention to protect its unique appearance of the interior, such as lamp core, velveteen and so on. When twisting, put the velvet bread inside, and flatten it off when drying, to avoid the deformation of the suede. For jacquard fabrics, do not use a hard brush to scrub hard to prevent yarn breakage.

3, cotton fabrics have good physical and chemical properties, however, it is not suitable to soak in the washing liquid for too long, the exposure time should not be too long, to prevent color damage.

4, cotton fabrics are easy to fall off the floating color, to prevent cross-dyeing and coloring when washing, affecting the appearance of the fabric.