Characteristics of flame retardant Oxford fabric

Update:07 Jul 2020

The characteristics of flame retardant Oxford fabrics, […]

The characteristics of flame retardant Oxford fabrics, flame retardant Oxford fabrics are divided into the following two categories

1. The first category is the flame retardant fabrics with the flame retardant effect of the fiber itself:

Aramid flame retardant fabric and acrylic flame retardant fabric, aramid flame retardant viscose blended fabric and acrylic blended flame retardant fabric;

2. The second type of flame retardant fabrics are more common:

Cotton flame retardant fabrics, cotton and nylon flame retardant fabrics, CVC flame retardant fabrics, etc.

Flame retardant oxford fabrics are not unburnable. Even if they are lit by an open flame, they can be extinguished automatically within 12 seconds of leaving the open flame. The so-called flame retardant does not mean that the flame-retardant finished textile will not burn when it comes into contact with the fire source, but It means that the fabric can reduce its flammability in the flame, can slow down the spreading speed, and does not form a large area of ​​combustion; and after leaving the flame, it can quickly extinguish itself, no longer burning or smoldering. At present, the main types of flame retardant fibers are: flame retardant polyester, flame retardant acrylic fiber, flame retardant vinylon, flame retardant viscose, aryl sulfone fiber, glass fiber, polytetrafluoroethylene fiber, polyamide-imide fiber, poly Benzimidazole fiber, phenolic fiber, etc.

The basic principle of flame retardant fiber is to reduce the generation of flammable gas during thermal decomposition and hinder the basic reaction in the gas phase combustion process. Secondly, absorbing the heat in the combustion area, diluting and isolating the air also have a certain effect on preventing combustion.



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