Fabric signing

Update:11 May 2019

First, cotton: Advantages: Sweat-absorbent, soft, anti- […]

First, cotton:

Advantages: Sweat-absorbent, soft, anti-sensitive, easy to clean, not easy to pilling.

Disadvantages: easy to wrinkle, shrink, easy to deform.

Second, wool:

Advantages: warmth, soft hair, good elasticity and strong heat insulation.

Disadvantages: easy to pilling, shrinking, felting reaction.

Third, the skin:

Advantages: It has certain breathing performance, high durability and high temperature resistance.

Color: The leather color is dark and soft, and the imitation leather is bright.

Fourth, nylon:

Advantages: smooth, light, durable, easy to wash, easy to stretch, flexible and stretchable.

Disadvantages: Easy to generate static electricity.