Facts About Polyester Oxford Fabric

Update:26 Jul 2021

Polyester Oxford Fabric is a common material used in a […]

Polyester Oxford Fabric is a common material used in a wide variety of clothing apparel and apparels. It is a high performance woven fabric which makes it a good choice for many different industries and product. There are two types of polyester, the polyester micro filament and the polyester fiber. The micro filament polyester is used in high volume polyester apparel because it is easier to produce.

Polyester is mainly used for making jeans, dress shirts, jumpers, sportswear, etc. And the fiber is mainly used for making fleece sweaters, hats, gloves, socks and outerwear such as jackets. But today there is a special type of polyester, coated polyester fabric, known as polyester Oxford fabric, which combines the properties of both the fibers and is a high performance textile fabric. It is a superior moisture resistance fabric, particularly for applications where extreme environments are encountered such as harsh weather conditions or for manufacturing purposes. This high performance fabric also comes with excellent heat and weather protection properties. The properties of the polyester fabric include abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, high compression strength and resistance to ozone and UV exposure.

The main characteristics of the polyester Oxford fabric are its high compressive strength and resistance to flame. Its thermal conductivity and electrical resistance also make it suitable for use in a number of applications. Its antimicrobial property also provides protection against bacterial growth. Other important aspects include its water resistance and anti stain property. These properties make it highly suitable for outdoor applications and in many cases it is the only material that can be used to create fireproof clothes. It can also prevent oil, grease, fluids and fuels from penetrating the surface of the protective clothing.

The fireproof Oxford fabric is extensively used in the production of protective clothing in the form of fireproof coats and jackets. The polyester material used in the production is highly resistant to fire, as it contains a high degree of fire retardant properties. Another important quality that the polyester fabric is noted for is its ability to resist ozone and UV exposure. Other important aspects include abrasion resistance, moisture resistance and antimicrobial properties.

An extensive range of products are available in the market, which includes protective garments, disposable gloves, wipes, cleaning clothes, cleaning solutions, garments, blankets and other apparel. Some of the popular items in the polyester Oxford fabric category include disposable shirts, t-shirts, protective pants, protective socks and garments. It is also widely used for making athletic shoes, eyewash caps, sweatpants and jackets. Other uses include making protective eye wear, protective goggles and laboratory coats among many others.

It is also used to make waterproof, anti-static and anti-bacterial fabrics like waterproof breathable fabrics, non-woven shirts, polypropylene briefs, polypropylene long Johns and polypropylene shorts. There are many companies that manufacture and supply polyester fabrics and accessories. Some of the popular brands include Hanes, Fruit of the Loom, Gildan, Quilted Fabrics and More. It is always preferable to buy products from reputed brands. This is because some of the lesser brands may contain inferior and low quality ingredients in their products.