Fancy yarn (line)

Update:21 Sep 2019

Fancy yarns have a fancy appearance for decoration, and […]

Fancy yarns have a fancy appearance for decoration, and there are many varieties and production methods. The structure of the fancy yarn consists of a core yarn, a decorative yarn, and a solid yarn. The core yarn is strong, and is the main yarn; the decorative yarn is wrapped around the core yarn to form an effect; the solid yarn is wrapped around the outer circumference of the decorative yarn in the opposite direction to fix the pattern, but there is also a case where the yarn is not fixed. The following describes the names and composition characteristics of several common fancy yarns (lines);

1. Knot line The yarn is twisted and twisted at the same place.

2. The spiral is made by combining and twisting two yarns of different fineness, twist and type.

3. Thick section The soft and thick fiber bundle is attached to the core yarn and wrapped around the solid yarn.

4. Circle line The line is formed into a closed ring shape, which is wrapped with a solid yarn.

5. The loop line The yarn is wound on the core line in a spiral manner, but the circle shape is thrown at intervals.

6, chenille line in the core line with horizontal decorative yarn. The end of the yarn is loosened with a plush.

7. Diamond-shaped metal wire Wrap the other color in the outer circumference of the metal core wire (made of aluminum foil or metal-coated material with a transparent protective film), and the fine decorative wire and the solid wire have a diamond-shaped effect.