Here are some advantages of this type of Polyester Oxford Fabric

Update:01 Nov 2022

Among the many different types of fabrics, the Polyeste […]

Among the many different types of fabrics, the Polyester Oxford Fabric is popular in the commercial arena for several reasons. It is waterproof and lightweight, making it ideal for covering outdoor activities like baby prams and garden swings. It also has high abrasion resistance and is ideal for dye sublimation printing. It can be found in a range of colors and is available in a variety of weights. Here are some advantages of this type of fabric.

The main benefit of using this fabric is its versatility. Oxford fabrics are highly durable and can last for years. They tend to resist wrinkles, are water resistant and offer anti-abrasion and chemical agents resistance. Another advantage is that they are machine-washable, which makes them very easy to maintain. They will not shrink after washing and require minimal ironing. In addition to being durable, the polyester Oxford Fabric can be used for many other purposes.

Despite being twice as expensive as cotton, this material has more practical uses. Its high abrasion and anti-UV properties make it excellent for work and outdoor wear. It is also machine-washable and dries quickly. This means that you can wash and dry it with little to no ironing. You'll also save money with this fabric since it is easy to maintain. It tends to keep its shape even after it has been washed and is very comfortable to wear.

This fabric is known for its durability. While it can be easily washed, it dries quickly. The polyester makes it quick-drying and easy to maintain. It is highly versatile in its applications. It can be used in a wide range of settings, from clothing to camping tents to upholstery and furniture. The main advantage of using this fabric is that it is machine-washable, which makes it easy to maintain. Because of its inherent durability, the polyester Oxford Fabric is often resistant to abrasion and chemical agents.

This fabric is commonly used for work and casual wear. The durability of this fabric makes it ideal for workwear and outdoor activities. It is also suitable for household applications as it is water-resistant and has a low wrinkling rate. It is available in both plain and pin-point Oxford. Generally, the quality of a polyester oxford fabric is similar to that of nylon. Depending on its density, it will have a coarser appearance than nylon.

The fabric is 100% polyester and offers a wide range of benefits. It is durable and lustrous and has good air permeability. It also has excellent anti-abrasion properties and anti-uv resistance. It is highly versatile and can be used in any type of application. In addition to garments for work or play, it can also be used as furniture and camping tents. The fabric has a basket-woven structure, which makes it easier to maintain.

Cordura Nylon Oxford Fabric

Material:100% polyester


Yarns:500D nylon*500D nylon


Usage:Tent, high-end luggage

Weight:135 GSM


Color:Any Pantone Color Number


Digital printing design:Customized

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