How can blood stains on Tencel fabric be removed

Update:07 Sep 2020

   Tencel fabric may accidentally get blood stains duri […]

   Tencel fabric may accidentally get blood stains during use. Although blood stains are not easy to clean, it is actually easier to remove compared to many other types of stains. As long as you do something like the following when the fabric gets blood stains, you can usually remove the blood stains and restore the fabric to its original appearance:

To remove blood stains on Tencel fabrics, we must remind everyone that the earlier you wash, the easier it will be to remove them, especially when the blood stains are not completely dry, it is easier to clean, but you need to pay attention to using cold water when cleaning to avoid Use hot water to wash to speed up the bleeding of blood stains and bring Dato to the cleaning.

If it is a Tencel fabric that has just been stained with blood, you can soak the blood stain in cold water for a few minutes to make the blood stain become damp and loose. Then wash it with soap or alcohol and rub it on the blood stain. Repeatedly scrubbing. Blood stains can usually be effectively removed after the first pass.

   But if it is a relatively old blood stain, it is relatively difficult to remove. In this case, you can rub the blood stain on the Tencel fabric with lemon juice and salt water, or wipe it with white radish. You can also use water to wash the blood stains into light brown, and then wash them with glycerin soap to remove the blood stains.