How many kinds of common cotton are there?

Update:18 May 2021

  How many kinds of pure cotton are there? Several […]


How many kinds of pure cotton are there? Several kinds of cotton you common

How many kinds of pure cotton are there? You must choose the right kind of cotton for your children!

It must be pure cotton for T-shirts! Everything else is chemical fiber! ! ! In fact, there are several types of pure cotton~~ Today, let's talk about some of the more commonly used pure cotton materials!

What are the advantages of pure cotton fabrics?

Pure cotton clothes are garments produced using cotton as the main raw material. Pure cotton textiles are interwoven with warp and weft yarns through a weaving machine. Personally, I feel that the best hand feel is pure cotton fabric. The baby is more skin-friendly and comfortable, but the disadvantage is that it is easy to wrinkle. After adding the spandex yarn to make the fabric, a small amount of addition can better increase the physical resilience of the cotton fabric. At the same time, the texture and comfort of the raw materials are maintained. In addition, the addition of spandex to the neckline can prevent the neckline from being deformed and loose, and ensure that the neckline has more lasting elasticity.

When everyone sees that there is another distinction between cotton and pure cotton, don't think that only 100% cotton can be called 100% cotton. It just means that it is made of more than 95% cotton. However, no matter whether it is 100% cotton or pure cotton, everyone should not mistakenly interpret it as 100% cotton. For example, cotton socks are in contact with everyone every day. Generally, everyone misunderstands that it is 100% cotton processing, but it does not mean 100% cotton. Cotton, generally speaking, clothes with a content of about 75% can be called pure cotton.

Cotton yarn is mainly divided into two types: carded yarn and combed yarn. Combed yarn is made of cotton fibers as raw materials, and high-quality cotton fibers are selected. The combing process is added to the textile process. The combed yarn can make the surface of the fabric look neat and soft.

Compared with the texture, slub cotton can be said to be the best in cotton. Its unique breathability is nothing wrong with other cotton materials. The cotton material gives it better sweat absorption and is more suitable for manufacturing. For summer clothes, most half sleeves use this fabric. Slub cotton is more expensive than ordinary cotton fabrics. Pure cotton is easy to wrinkle. Easy to shrink and deform! The textile technology of slub cotton is a relatively new cotton-making process. The cotton fabric is drawn and picked to form a slub-like fiber texture effect. Hand feel, breathability and sweat absorption performance are better than ordinary plain needle pure cotton.

But it is more expensive than pure cotton! Because both the production process and the material cost are higher than it, when buying underwear, long-sleeved trousers and underwear, conventional cotton and modal cotton are the best choice! But in terms of health and warmth, cotton made with traditional techniques is better. The main difference between the cotton made by these two processes is the appearance and gloss. In this respect, Modal is much higher than the traditional cotton material, which greatly improves the hand feel and drape effect of the clothing, making the clothing more portable.

To say that the king of cotton fabrics! It is mainly made of mercerized cotton fabrics. It is mainly made of high-quality yarns made of cotton by multi-layer process worsted spinning, and then through special processes such as sintering of cotton wool and mercerizing, etc., to produce high-quality and highly mercerized yarns. line. Needless to say, the quality of knitted fabrics made from this kind of yarn is natural.