How much does a meter of pocket cloth cost?

Update:21 Apr 2020

  How much is a pocket of cloth? With the expedite […]


How much is a pocket of cloth? With the expedited production line of some factories, many factories are now tightly wrapped in pockets. When they buy, they always ask about the market price of pocket fabric(pocketing fabric). In fact, the overall level of the country If there are different regions, there will be different prices.

Another is that pocket cloths of different qualities will have different prices. Generally speaking, they are affected by many factors. What are the influencing factors?

The main understanding is that in the overall comparison between first-tier cities and second-tier cities in the country, it is not difficult to find that the price of pocket cloth is generally uneven. We can only know which one is the most suitable for our requirements. Therefore, we need to choose the one that is really suitable for ourselves according to our own needs, and only then will not spend a penny.