How to deal with chiffon dyed black?

Update:18 Feb 2021

  How to deal with the black dyed chiffon? How to […]


How to deal with the black dyed chiffon? How to wash chiffon dyed with black ink? It can be wiped with dilute acetic acid first, and then rinsed with hydrogen peroxide. You can also scrub with turpentine and then wipe with gasoline. The last, it needs to rinse by water.

The difficulty of color matching of clothes is affected by factors such as fabrics, dyes, and dyeing processes. Generally, clothes made of chiffon are not chlorine bleachable, and the color matching problem on non-chlorine bleachable clothes is difficult to solve. It is recommended to wash light-colored clothing separately from dark-colored clothing and easily faded clothing to avoid staining.

How to wash chiffon dyed with black ink:

It can be mixed thoroughly with rice grains and detergent, rubbed on the stained part, and rinsed with clean water; it can also be rubbed repeatedly with a solution of one part of alcohol and two parts of soap, which also has good results.

For ink stains and lipstick stains, wash with detergent after washing with water, or mix with glutinous rice and detergent, or use toothpaste to apply to the stained part and rub it, then rinse with water. If it is silk material, spread the stain face down on clean paper, apply dry cleaning agent or alcohol, rub the back of the stain on the silk fabric until the stain disappears, then wash and rinse.

What to pay attention to when cleaning chiffon:

1. After stains, please wash as soon as possible and wash by hand. Remember not to use a washing machine for washing.

2. The silk products of different colors should be washed separately to avoid dyeing each other. The time of soaking and rinsing should not be too long, generally the soaking time is about three minutes.

3. Do not rub, brush, knead, or twist hard during washing, or use a washing machine to dry.

4. Detergent selection: Since chiffon garments are protein fibers and contain a variety of amino acids, any alkaline detergent (especially washing powder, soap, etc.) will damage the color, texture and structure of silk fabrics, thereby The health function of silk fabrics is lost and its service life is shortened. Therefore, neutral or weak acid detergents should be used for washing (such as silk and wool detergent, shampoo, shower gel, etc.).