How to distinguish between good and bad rayon fabric?

Update:01 Dec 2020

  How to distinguish between good and bad rayon fa […]


How to distinguish between good and bad rayon fabric? How do you tell whether other people’s cotton fabrics are good or bad? Artificial cotton fabrics melt while burning and roll into small balls. Real wool or chemical fiber material, take a few yarns and burn it. I don't know rayon cloth. In addition, chemical fiber clothing can also be identified from the following aspects:

1. Finish: Artificial cotton cloth, the cloth surface is smooth, there are few yarn defects, no impurities, fine, clean and smooth.
2. Yarn count uniformity: The yarn count of rayon fabric is evenly dry and has few yarn defects.
3. Hand feeling: The hand feeling of artificial cotton cloth is soft regardless of its thickness.
4. Color: The luster and color of rayon cloth are good. Compared with cotton cloth, rayon cloth is more vivid and beautiful.
5. Crease: Rayon cloth is easy to crease. When the cloth is held and spread by hand, there will be many creases, and it is not easy to restore in time.
6. Drapability: rayon has better drape.
7. Strength: the strength of rayon cloth is lower, not as good as cotton cloth, especially in a humid environment, rayon has poor fastness, when drawing from the edge of the cloth, stretch, rayon is easier to break than cotton, therefore, artificial cotton Cotton texture is mostly thick.

As for whether the woolen cloth is good or bad, it depends on your hand. Compare to rayon fabric. Just look at the artificial cotton fabric. The texture should be strong, the surface should not be exposed, the color should be uniform, and the artificial cotton fabric. The neat edge is good wool, fabric. Hand touch, soft and clean, with a smooth and oily feeling; knead the dough vigorously, lint-free, learn artificial cotton fabric. Hold it firmly in your hand and compare it to rayon fabric. Gently let go, it can quickly return to the original state, the hand does not stain is a good wool, otherwise it is a poor quality goods, worsted wool, such as serge, tweed, gabardine, requires a smooth and clean surface, clear and neat texture; Composite materials such as Ding, Pilisi, etc., are better to be thinner. For flannel, snowflake, and overcoat, the suede should be even and meticulous. The pile should not be too long. Thick and soft are better!