How to distinguish between velvet and velvet?

Update:07 May 2019

Do you often jump out of velvet when searching for velv […]

Do you often jump out of velvet when searching for velvet? When searching for coral fleece, often jump out of flannel? This velvet is velvet, there are more routines, and we are stupid! Coral velvet is not an upgraded version of flannel, velvet is not a companion piece of velvet! This time, let's not talk about the "broken wire" between coral fleece and flannel. Let's talk about the difference between velvet and velvet!

Is velvet and velvet a thing? How to differentiate?

In fact, velvet and velvet basically refer to a kind of thing, they are all Chinese names of English VELVET. Any organization with the same structure or the same production method but different materials can be called VELVET. The difference between the two is that velvet refers to the velvet made of silk, which is also the first type of this kind of fabric, which belongs to the higher grade and luxurious fabric.

Nowadays, the commonly used velvet refers to the VELVET made of velvet blend. The cost is greatly reduced, the average person can afford it, the sewing is easier, and the service is slightly more convenient, but people still used to call it velvet. Pure velvet soft if nothing is superb, difficult to manufacture and difficult to cut and sew, it will shine in the sun, the velvet is slightly thicker than the material, the elasticity is better, the gloss is softer!