How to distinguish cashmere fabrics?

Update:23 Nov 2020

Look at the symbol: When purchasing goods, pay attentio […]

Look at the symbol: When purchasing goods, pay attention to checking the supplier’s qualifications and product quality certificates. If the woolen sweater you buy is pure wool, it should have a symbol of pure wool. If it is a blended product, it should have a symbol of blended wool. If you see a sign with both cashmere content and sheep cashmere content, you must pay attention, because only goats can produce cashmere and sheep have no cashmere.

Second look at the content: According to the national standard, the standard for pure cashmere fabric wool products is that the cashmere content is more than 95%, the cashmere fabric wool products have more than 30% cashmere content, and the cashmere content less than 30% cannot be called cashmere wool commodity.

Three look at the texture: From the texture point of view, real woolen sweaters are soft and full, with elasticity, good hand feel, harmonious color, and good warmth retention; fake wool has a slightly harder texture, poor elasticity and poor warmth retention. Cashmere fabrics are characterized by being warmer when held in your hand, while chemical fiber fabrics feel cold when held in your hand; cashmere is very light, while chemical fibers are much heavier. If the truth is not well distinguished, the incineration method can be adopted. Wool and cashmere belong to animal fibers. When burned, they will melt into a small black ball, accompanied by the smell of scorching hair, which will soften into powder when pinched by hand. If it is rich in chemical fiber, it will burn into hard lumps, which tastes unpleasant and cannot be crushed by hand.

Four look at the price: a goat produces only 0.3 to 0.4 kilograms of cashmere a year, so the price of cashmere is relatively high. Be careful when purchasing cashmere products that are too low in price.

The difference between mesh fabric and chiffon fabric

The difference between mesh fabric and chiffon fabric, which fabric is better? Chiffon is very thin, soft to the touch, and very comfortable! Net yarn is a bit hard and cannot be used directly to make clothes, but it can be used as accessories for clothes, such as wedding dresses! The outer layer is mesh.

Chiffon fabric is a kind of silk fabric woven with strong twist crepe warp and crepe weft. Chiffon has a light, thin and transparent texture, a soft and flexible hand feel, a light and elegant appearance, good air permeability and drape, and is elegant and comfortable to wear. The lightness, weight, thickness, thinness, transparency and crepe effect of georgette. Generally used in summer skirts or bottoming shirts worn by ladies.

Net yarn fabric: Net yarn is a thin plain weave woven with fine and extra strong twisted yarn. Features: sparse density, thinner texture, clear step holes, cool hand feeling, elasticity, good air permeability, and comfortable wearing. Because of its transparency, it is also called Bali yarn. Bali yarn is also called glass yarn, and its English name is voile. Both warp and weft use fine special combed and strong twisted yarn. The density of warp and weft in the fabric is relatively small. Due to the "fine" and "sparse", plus strong twist, the fabric is thin and transparent. All raw materials are pure cotton and polyester cotton. The warp and weft yarns in the fabric are either single yarns or strands. Features: sparse density, thin texture, clear step holes, nice touch, elasticity, good air permeability, and comfortable wearing. Because of its good transparency, it is also called glass yarn. Used for summer shirts, skirts, pajamas, headscarves, veils and drawn embroidery base fabrics, lampshades, curtains, etc.