How to wash jacquard fabric to avoid injury

Update:19 May 2020

  Hello everyone, today Suzhou Xuancai Baike Texti […]


Hello everyone, today Suzhou Xuancai Baike Textile Technology Co., Ltd. talk to you about how to wash the jacquard fabric to avoid injury.

Judging from the use of jacquard fabrics, people are very fond of it because of its exquisite patterns, so this product is often seen in life. The product has good performance and can present the most beautiful side to people in use. However, good jacquard fabrics are all based on people washing them reasonably. This should be done for jacquard fabrics.

First, for different types of jacquard fabrics, different methods need to be used for washing. If you want the jacquard fabric to be the same as the new one after washing, you need to operate according to the steps and steps when you buy it. Different colors must be washed separately to avoid discoloration.

Secondly, for the cleaning of jacquard fabrics, it is best not to wash them in the washing machine. Because the texture of this product is very soft, if it is washed in a washing machine, it may affect its quality. In order to ensure the quality of products, it is recommended that people use hand-washing methods.

Third, for the cleaning of jacquard fabrics, you need to see if it is suitable for washing powder. Because some products are not suitable for use in washing machines, in order to avoid damage to the surface, you need to first understand whether it is suitable for washing with washing machines.