Is the material of children's clothing better than chemical fiber or chiffon?

Update:18 Jan 2021

  Is the material of children's clothing better th […]


Is the material of children's clothing better than chemical fiber or chiffon? Chiffon is a spinning product among silk products. Its name comes from the sound and meaning of Chiffon in English, which means a light and transparent fabric with the characteristics of lightness, transparency, softness, and elegance. In recent years, due to the rapid development of chemical fiber technology, the original "silk" has been replaced by "chemical fiber". Its feel and style are very similar or similar, so it is often said that chiffon is silk chiffon or chemical fiber chiffon.

Children's clothing chemical fiber fabrics are often hard and easy to scratch the baby's skin and cause infection. The chemical fiber material often causes the baby to sweat and the sweat cannot be evaporated in time, causing the baby's clothes to be damp.

Clothes made of chemical fiber fabrics, especially underwear, when the human body moves, friction between skin and clothes, and between clothes and clothes will generate static electricity. Static electricity has a strong dust-absorbing effect, which not only damages clothes, but also affects health. When the static voltage is high to a certain level, static sparks will be generated. Generally speaking, the human body will have a sense of electric shock (numbing) when the static voltage of 2 kV Although the current is very small and not dangerous, it will make the child uncomfortable and bring fear.

Especially in summer, when the temperature is high, if there is an open flame, children wearing chemical fiber clothes are easy to be ignited by the fire. Normally, when the flame reaches about 150℃, the chemical fiber will burn rapidly. A chemical fiber clothing only needs 10 It burns out in a few seconds. Once most chemical fiber fabrics burn, they will shrink and melt, and the hot melt will stick to the skin, and even droplets of hot melt will drip, deepening and aggravating skin burns.

Therefore, neither chemical fiber nor chiffon is very suitable for children. It is recommended that children choose natural fabrics such as cotton, linen, silk and wool as much as possible when choosing clothing fabrics. Parents should also give priority when choosing children's clothing, especially personal clothing. Consider natural fabrics, clothes with a certain flame retardant effect and higher textile density, which will give children more safety protection.