It is a kind of cellulose fiber

Update:23 Mar 2019

Tencel: It is a kind of cellulose fiber. It uses solven […]

Tencel: It is a kind of cellulose fiber. It uses solvent spinning technology. The dry strength is slightly lower than that of polyester, but it is obviously higher than that of ordinary viscose fiber. The wet strength is obviously improved compared with viscose, and it has very high rigidity and good. The dimensional stability of the washing (the shrinkage rate is only 2%), the high hygroscopicity, the cross section of the fiber is round or elliptical, the gloss is beautiful, the hand feels soft, the drape is good, and the airflow is good.

In summary: Tencel has:

1 cotton softness

2 has high strength of polyester

3 hairy warmth

However, it tends to harden under hot and humid conditions, and the picking property in cold water is not good.

Moisture wicking

It is developed and produced by Taiwan Xinguang Synthetic Fiber Co., Ltd. It adopts special cross-section groove design, which makes the fiber have good moisture absorption, moisture conduction and quick drying function. In addition, the contact point between fiber and skin is reduced by the cross-section design, ensuring that the skin after sweating still maintains a superior dry feeling. .