Maintenance of machine main equipment knitting parts

Update:05 Aug 2019

Knitting parts is the central component of, it is the b […]

Knitting parts is the central component of, it is the base for making fabric with good quality. So it's very important to keep maintenance on the knitting parts.

Cleaning the needle grooves to stop dirt coming into the fabric with needles. Method is, use the low grade yarn or rejected yarn to run machine with high speed. Meanwhile, inject great amount oil into the cylinder when running, until dirty oil flow out the needle groove completely.

Check whether the needles and sinkers have damage or not, in case damaged, should replace new needles and sinkers immediately. If fabric is in bad condition, should consider to replace all.

Check the cylinder needle groove to make sure in same width. Also check the groove wall if there's any damage.

Check the CAM wearing status, make sure installation position is correct and screws are tighten.

Check the position of yarn guide, if abrasion, change new guide immediately.