New green cellulose fiber

Update:28 Feb 2019

This is a new type of cellulose fiber developed in the […]

This is a new type of cellulose fiber developed in the 1990s. It is a kind of man-made cellulose fiber which is directly dissolved in the aqueous solution of NMMO for spinning. The production process is simpler than the glue, and the solvent used is not.

Poisonous, no harmful substances released, solvent recovery rate of 99.7%, product waste buried for 5 to 6 weeks can be biodegradable, does not constitute environmental pollution, known as the 21st century green fiber. It provides a direction for environmentally friendly production and upgrading of cellulose fibers. At present, the United Kingdom's Coulter and the Austrian Lenzing company are the main manufacturers, China's many references to the British brand name, translated as Tansel or Tencel.

The fiber combines the advantages of natural fiber and synthetic fiber. It has the advantages of good hygroscopicity, breathability and comfort. The wearing comfort is far superior to polyester, the gloss is beautiful, the hand feel is soft, the county is good, and the flow is good.

It has the advantages of high strength of synthetic fiber, higher strength than cotton and ordinary viscose, good dimensional stability of washing and good cost performance, good blending performance, and can be blended with other natural fibers and synthetic fibers. It is a comparison of the properties of fibers and other fibers.