Oxford cloth is a natural fabric made from woven fibers

Update:06 Feb 2023

Benefits of Oxford Fabric What is Oxford Fabric? Oxford […]

Benefits of Oxford Fabric

What is Oxford Fabric? Oxford cloth is a natural fabric made from woven fibers that are relatively smooth and open. Traditionally, this type of fabric is made from pure cotton, but more recently it has been blended with rayon and polyester. This type of fabric is naturally wrinkle-resistant and tends to hold its shape after washing. It is also durable, requiring little ironing. Here are some important benefits of Oxford fabric. To learn more, read on!

Oxford cloth is lightweight, durable, and waterproof. Its PU coating prevents it from flopping or stretching. You can use this fabric to make bags, clothing, and tents. It is also easy to sew and will maintain its shape even when machine washed. Oxford fabric is one of the most popular fabrics today, with more than 20 million people using it each year! If you're looking for a durable, water-resistant material, consider a high-denier PU coated nylon.

Another type of Oxford fabric is Pinpoint Oxford. This fabric is a blend of resistant Oxford and light sail and can give you a more formal look. In addition to the pinpoint type of Oxford fabric, the Royal variety is an exquisite fabric designed for high-end garments. Usually bright in color, this fabric has a high-shine finish and a soft feel. These characteristics make this type of fabric a popular choice for a wide variety of clothing items.

Traditional oxford cloth is a heavier, thicker material that ages well. Because of the subtle variations in the color tones of the blue and white yarns, it has a natural appearance that can be easily mistaken for denim. The weight of good cotton makes it a comfortable shirt that will soften and become more attractive with age. The thicker yarn makes the fabric more casual, and it is often paired with denim or a pair of chinos.

FR-Oxford is a protective fabric that has limited flame-retardant properties. It contains 98% polyester and 2% antistatic yarn. It is ideal for FR clothing, rainwear, and other protective apparel. There are other benefits to Oxford fabric as well. In addition to its durability, FR-Oxford can resist stains and other common chemicals. So, consider these advantages when choosing Oxford fabrics.

A classic Oxford fabric is made of high-quality cotton. It is slightly thicker than a fine dress shirt fabric. This gives the shirt a hearty feel and is naturally wrinkle-resistant. An Oxford shirt is an essential wardrobe item. Choose one with a button-down collar and single cuff. The versatility of this fabric allows it to be worn on many different occasions. It is also very easy to care for, and a good choice if you're short.

A variation of Oxford fabric is called Pinpoint Oxford. Pinpoint Oxford has a finer weave and is softer than regular Oxford cloth. Like Oxford fabric, it has a slight shine and is ideal for formal occasions. It is also more durable than poplin, but should be avoided for more casual occasions. If you're looking for a formal look, however, Pinpoint Oxford is for you. In addition, it's not transparent, which makes it the perfect option for summertime wardrobes.

Polyester canvas

Material:100% polyester

Yarns:16S polyester yarn


Usage:Bags, shoes, hammock, tent

Weight:200 GSM


Color:Any Pantone Color Number


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