Polyester Oxford cloth is a very strong and durable fabric

Update:28 Dec 2022

Polyester Oxford cloth is a very strong and durable fab […]

Polyester Oxford cloth is a very strong and durable fabric. It can be used in various applications including clothing, furniture, and tents. It is also resistant to oxidants, hydrocarbons, and bleaching agents. It is also moisture-proof and mildew-proof. Compared with other natural fibers, it has a higher impact resistance, abrasion resistance, and dimensional stability. It is easy to wash and maintain its shape.

It has a very soft hand feeling. In addition, it has a good drapability. It is an ideal fabric for curtains and wall coverings. It is also a good choice for pillow shams. It is often used in casual wear. The cloth can be dyed with acid dyes. Besides, it is a good choice for children's room decorations.

There are two kinds of oxford fabric. One is made of nylon, and the other is made of polyester. The main difference between the two is that nylon is more expensive than polyester. The other features are color, deformation resistance, and moisture absorption. In terms of price, the nylon oxford cloth is almost twice as expensive as the polyester oxford cloth.

The advantages of the polyester Oxford fabric are that it is more durable and has better insulating properties. It is also fire retardant and mildew-proof. It is water proof and dries quickly. It is resistant to UV rays. It is abrasion-resistant and has good twist resistance. It is resistant to rust and has a good dimensional stability. It is easy to wash, and its color is not faded.

Among the polyester oxford fabrics, the 300D oxford fabric is used for coating. It has a water-proof PU coating on the inside. It has anti-static yarn in both warp and weft directions. It is suitable for dye sublimation printing. In addition, it has a good heat insulation performance, high abrasion resistance, and a good light resistance. It is a suitable fabric for outdoor wear, and it is easy to clean.

The 600D polyester Oxford fabric is durable, resistant to acid and alkali, and has a bright gloss. It is also good for waterproofing. It is a good choice for bags, curtains, and marquee covers. It is available in plain and printed types. It is not as heavy as a nylon oxford fabric, and its smooth texture makes it very comfortable.

The oxford cloth is generally made of fine combed high count yarn as a double warp. It is often combined with polyester and rayon. Besides, it is usually woven on a water jet loom. It can be tested with friction testing machine and thickness gauge.

The Polyester Oxford cloth is an excellent alternative to cotton and other natural fibers. It is also more affordable. It has a good elasticity close to wool. It is also a good choice for work wear and outer wear. It can reduce indoor air conditioning usage. It has good breathability, and its price-performance ratio is good. It is abrasion-resistant, anti-static, and corrosion-resistant. It can be used for garments, sofas, and camping tents.

600D stamping oxford fabric

Material:100% polyester

Density:17*14 86T



Usage:Pillow, tablecloth, luggage, tent

Weight:210 GSM


Color:Any Pantone Color Number


Digital priting design:Customized