Polyester Oxford Fabric - Choosing the Right Protection

Update:09 Nov 2021

Polyester Oxford Fabric is durable and strong, good for […]

Polyester Oxford Fabric is durable and strong, good for long-lasting wear, not easily to fray, water resistance, corrosion resistance against alkali and acid, and ultraviolet light fading. The fabric itself is darker than cotton, and the feel has more of a plush feel. The finish is somewhat stiff and shiny. In addition, it resists wrinkling.

Polyester oxford fabric, as with all fabrics, requires certain precautions be observed while sewing. The materials are generally quite delicate and must be treated with care. There are many products on the market that will protect polyester fabrics. Sewing with these fabrics should not only be performed by people knowledgeable with these materials, but by people who use acid-free, biodegradable and environmentally friendly inks.

The polyester fabric protects from abrasion and scratching. Abrasion occurs when there is a tear or abrasion of a protective coating, resulting in a lower-quality finish. Most polyester fabric protects against abrasion by forming a protective layer on the surface underneath it. However, if your piece is made of high quality cotton with a protective coating, you will have to choose a different polyester fabric for your project, such as the 75d, which offers protection from abrasive cleaners.

The polyester fabric protects against sunlight fading, especially in the case of an open-air campfire. It provides a barrier against harmful UV rays, which is especially important in the case of camping tents. UV rays can weaken the fabric and leave it more vulnerable to damage from exposure to the sun. If you do use an open-air tent, you will want to avoid fabrics with a high SPF rating.

Low-SPF fabrics are popular for outdoor use because they allow the sun's harmful rays through while providing excellent protection from rain and cold. The polyester oxford fabric used in high-end waterproof tents has a low SPF rating of up to 450. For this type of protection, polyester oxford fabric with a water resistant barrier is preferred. It will also prevent the sun from causing fading to the base fabric. Low-SPF waterproofing is important to homeowners who want to use the fabric for camping tents, as well as those who live in areas where there is a possibility of rain or ice, such as in the case of the Rockies. You can still use the low SPF fabric outside, however, to prevent the fabric from fading due to exposure to UV rays, as long as you protect the tent from precipitation.

Polyester Oxford Fabric is popular with manufacturers because of its waterproof properties, ease of cleaning, durable construction and affordability. In addition, it is available in many different colors and patterns, making it ideal for many applications. You can choose from flat polyester oxford fabric or high-performance polyester cloth fabrics. Flat polyester fabric resists abrasion and mildew. High performance polyester cloths feature a higher density core and a weave that is more durable than conventional cotton cloth fabrics.