Polyester Oxford Fabric is a good choice of fabric for any type of apparel

Update:02 Nov 2021

Types of Polyester Oxford Fabric Polyester Oxford Fabri […]

Types of Polyester Oxford Fabric
Polyester Oxford Fabric is a good choice of fabric for any type of apparel that needs comfort and warmth. This high quality polyester fabric is made by DuPont and offers good protection against harsh weather conditions. The material can be used in a variety of products, including outerwear, swimwear, and casual clothing. There is a wide range of Polyester Oxford Fabrics in a number of different price ranges to suit your budget.

This polyester oxford fabric features cross-linked weaves and double weave yarns. This 300D polyester oxford textile has got antimicrobial yarn in weave and warp direction and with PU and water resistant threading on the surface to create the textile have high moisture, anti-bacterial, waterproof, breatheable property, making the fabric ideal for offshore garment and winter clothing. It is also suitable for sports wear. It is often used as a base layer for jackets and shirts as it prevents the surface from getting wet due to its breathable properties.

High density polyester fiber is also used in this type of fabric for manufacturing purposes and it resists ultraviolet light. A drawback is that it does not have high abrasion resistance and it is prone to mildew. It is also often used for recreational wear as it is easy to maintain and clean and has good absorbent property.

The most commonly used polyester fiber is Olefin and there are a number of industries where this fabric is used. Some of the popular uses include street clothes, parkas, ski jackets, hats, boots, school bags and backpacks. It is also used in sports wear such as golf shirts and shorts as well as being the material of choice for training uniforms.

Oxford cotton is an alternative to polyester fiber and can be used for high end apparel or uniforms. Its high moisture resistance, light weight, stretch, matte finish and stain resistant property makes it highly desirable and it is often used in athleticswear. Olefin and polyester oxford fabrics are both resistant to ultraviolet light. Polyester oxford fabric has a high permeability rating of 0.93 while Olefin has a permeability of only 0.2. This makes oxford fabric ideal for protective garments used in the workplace.

A major benefit of polyester oxford fabrics is that they are very flexible. It can be made into any size by using the right weaving technique. This makes it easy to produce a wide range of products including sports uniforms. As it has high strength and durability it is also cost effective which makes it ideal for low volume production.