Several major organizations of woven fabrics

Update:24 May 2021

  Several major organizations of woven fabrics: Or […]


Several major organizations of woven fabrics:

Original organization

1. Plain weave. With this kind of organization, the surface is usually flat, the texture is firm, and there is no difference on the bottom side! For example, the yarn is twisted to show a crepe effect! It is mainly used in cotton, wool, silk, and linen fabrics!

2. Twill weave. Twill weave is a continuous warp weave point or weft weave point to form a diagonal line! It can be divided into two types: left twill and right twill! This kind of fabric has a weaker fastness than plain weave, and is generally used for cotton and wool In the fabric!

3. Satin weave is. Two adjacent weave points are far away, not connected to each other, and evenly distributed! So the texture is smooth and shiny!

Plain weave

Plain weave change weave! Divided into warp heavy flat weave, weft heavy flat weave and square weave! Warp heavy flat refers to the basis of plain weave without extending the weave point in the warp direction! Weft heavy flat refers to the basis of plain weave , There is no extension point in the weft direction! The weave is obtained by extending and forming small squares at the same time without the latitude and longitude directions!

Twill weave

(1) Strengthening the twill can make the appearance of the twill clear, and the twills are well-balanced!

(2) Composite twill! The use of this weave can make the fabric show a number of twill weaves with different thicknesses or different distances!

(3) The angle twill is to make the angle of the twill not 45 degrees!

(4) Curved twill, this kind of organization presents different curved twills! The satin weave changes, the weaves are changed, the satin weaves are changed, the satin weaves are strengthened, the satin weaves are expanded, etc.! Attached to the fabric classification

There are three types

1. Woven fabric, a fabric made of yarns arranged perpendicularly to each other on a loom according to a certain rule is a woven fabric!

2. Knitted fabric is a fabric formed by knitting yarns into loops! Divided into warp knitting and weft knitting!

3. Non-woven fabric is made by bonding or stitching loose fibers!