Some Basic Facts About Lining Fabric

Update:12 Jul 2021

Some Basic Facts About Lining Fabric Lining fabric refe […]

Some Basic Facts About Lining Fabric

Lining fabric refers to an assortment of fabric added to clothes, from shorts and skirts to coats and dresses. These fabrics can either be made from synthetic or natural fibers and come in both sheer and opaque colors. While most people think of lace as something used in lingerie, there are actually several other applications of the material, which ranges from decorations in ties and dresses to linings for computer equipment. Lining fabrics are also commonly used in making camisoles, which is an example of a textile that falls into the textile category.

Today, there are plenty of great linings available, ranging from the basic cotton lining fabric used in many cotton shirts and blouses to more elaborate designs like those seen on Chinese gowns. For formal dresses, linings made from China silk or other high quality silk fibers are quite elegant. In fact, some people actually prefer using this kind of lining fabric for formal attire. The reason is that the intricate designs of the China silk linings give the dresses a certain sophisticated and older style, while the modern smooth-looking prints of these linings tend to give the clothes a younger look.

There are two kinds of fabrics used for underlining, namely called underlay and underlining. While underlining tends to add extra warmth to clothes, the use of underlay actually works with the structure of the fabric itself, adding its elasticity and giving it a certain level of stretchability. When the fabric is made from cotton, for example, underlay is the perfect choice since cotton is actually a very good insulator, which means that the same weight of fabric can provide the same level of warmth. Other fabrics, like silk, have a different thermal conductivity, which means that certain materials will retain heat longer than others.