Superfine fiber

Update:15 Mar 2019

Its products are soft, delicate, smooth, soft and lustr […]

Its products are soft, delicate, smooth, soft and lustrous. The microfiber has a large specific surface area, strong surface adsorption, high cleaning ability, and can be used as a highly absorbent material (such as towels and paper towels). Production of silk fabrics, high-density waterproof and breathable fabrics, peach skin fabrics, faux suede fabrics, etc.

At present, there is no uniform standard for the classification of microfibers in the country, but generally, the fineness is 0.55~1.4dtex (0.5~1.3 denier) for fine denier, and the fineness is 0.33~0.55dtex for ultrafine denier, fineness. Very fine denier at 0.11~0.33dtex.

Cool fiber

DuPont's Dacron has a four-groove cross section, which increases the liquid water conduction area, and has an excellent cut-off moisture treatment function (breathable, moisture permeable), which acts as a pipe to quickly send moisture to the outer layer of the fabric, enhancing the wearer. The comfort, as well as excellent dyeability and stain resistance, are suitable for men's and women's shirts, outdoor and sportswear fabrics, making the wearer dry and comfortable, lasting.