The choice of lining fabric can make or break a garment

Update:09 May 2022

The choice of lining fabric can make or break a garment […]

The choice of lining fabric can make or break a garment. A good lining makes a scratchy garment comfortable, and it also hides any flaws in the outer fabric. Cotton is a great lingerie lining option, and rayon is also a great choice. For evening wear, you should consider silk satin, china silk, or taffeta. Acetate is a great choice for a summer dress.

If you're looking for a more affordable option, polyester is a good choice. It is lightweight and breathable, and it won't stick to the skin in hot weather. Alternatively, you can choose a higher maintenance lining fabric for a dress, or a jacket that you wear for a special occasion. But don't forget to consider the material's durability before choosing a lining. It can last for years, so it's important to find a lining fabric that can withstand repeated wear.

While the outer fabric is the main focus of your wardrobe, lining should be a secondary consideration. The purpose of the garment is essential in choosing the lining fabric. Some people would prefer thick and warm fabrics in winter, while others would prefer a light-weight, thin-breathable material for the summer. Still others might opt for a colourful, printed lining. The lining is a vital part of the coat, and should be a priority.

While linings are an important aspect of a garment, the outer fabric is even more important. A lining provides a clean, professional finish on the inside. It can conceal any interlinings, padding, or other materials. This extends the life of a garment, and can add a bit of warmth to the interior. When used correctly, linings can make a garment much more comfortable to wear and give it a smooth, sleek look.

In addition to its appearance, lining fabric can be a great way to add zing to a handmade garment. A creative lining can create a unique style, or a subtle understated lining can add a subtle touch. It is important to choose a lining fabric that complements your outer fabric, and one that will make your garment look great! It also makes it easier for your garment to glide over your body.

When selecting a lining fabric, it is crucial to consider the intended use of the garment. Some people like thicker and more durable materials, while others prefer thin, breathable fabrics for warmer climates. The type of lining fabric also affects the cost of a garment. If the lining material is expensive, it may be better for you to buy an inexpensive lining that is more affordable. Then, you'll have to consider the price tag, and what kind of care it will require.

Generally speaking, lining fabric should not be more expensive than the outer fabric. However, there are some considerations. If you're using stretchable fabric, you'll want to use a stretchy lining. In addition, a lining that has a high degree of opacity is best for sheer fabrics. If you're using a sheer fashion material, you can choose a lining that is slightly sheer.