The correct way to wash Tencel fabric

Update:02 Nov 2020

In order for Tencel fabrics to have the best results wh […]

In order for Tencel fabrics to have the best results when used, people not only need to ensure that the quality of the fabric is qualified when buying, but also need to use the correct method for cleaning when washing. It can keep the tencel fabric with the effect of just buying it. So, when cleaning Tencel fabric, how can we clean it correctly?

   It is best to choose hand wash. Although Tencel fabrics can also be washed with a washing machine, it is recommended that people use hand washing during the washing process, mainly because the washing machine will deform the fabric due to the strong centrifugal force during the washing process. The use effect after cleaning has a great impact, so when cleaning, people should choose to wash by hand.

  Do not use bleach. In daily life, when people use Tencel fabrics, it is inevitable that they will get some stains. Therefore, some users will like to use bleach for cleaning during the cleaning process. This will cause the fabrics to easily fade and damage. The performance of the fabric, so people should not use bleach when cleaning, it is best to choose a neutral detergent.

Precautions for washing Tencel fabric

Whether it is Tencel fabric or other fabrics, it will inevitably need to be cleaned during regular use. If you want the fabric to maintain a good use effect after cleaning, users need to pay attention to the following during the cleaning process. Aspects of the problem:

1. Because Tencel fabric is different from other fabrics, it is necessary to control the water temperature more during the cleaning process. The best water temperature should be kept below 30 degrees Celsius, mainly because if the water temperature is too high, the performance of the fabric will be affected. However, if the water temperature is too low, the decontamination effect will not be achieved. Therefore, the user must control the water temperature during the cleaning process.

2. In addition to paying attention to the water temperature in the process of cleaning Tencel fabrics, the second thing to pay attention to is to choose a suitable detergent. Generally speaking, it is best to choose a neutral detergent for cleaning Tencel fabrics, because detergents with acid and alkali can cause damage to the fabric and affect the effect of use.

   All in all, if the user wants the Tencel fabric to maintain the use effect just after the purchase, during the washing process, the above points must be paid attention to, so that the desired use effect can be obtained.