The difference between the front and the back of knitted fabric

Update:23 Nov 2019

For the difference between the front and the back of kn […]

For the difference between the front and the back of knitted fabrics, I hope to have some reference for you.

(1) The pattern and color of the front of the general fabric are clearer and more beautiful than the reverse side.

(2) Fabrics with a stripe appearance and color matching fabrics, the frontal pattern must be clear and pleasing.

(3), ribs and embossed fabrics, the front is tight and delicate, with strips or pattern embossing; and the reverse side is rough, with long floating lines.

(4), raised fabric: fabric with one side fluffing, the plush side is front. The fabric with double-faced fluffing is made of a smooth, neat side of the fabric.

(5), observe the fabric edge, the smooth side of the cloth, the neat side is the front of the fabric.

(6), double-layer, multi-layer fabric, if the front and back sides of the warp and weft density are different, it is generally preferred to have a larger density or a positive raw material.

(7), leno fabric: the side of the line is clear, the side of the twisting is the front.

(8) Towel fabric: The side with a high density of terry is the front.

(9), printed fabric: the flower pattern is clear, the brighter side of the color is the front.

(10), the entire piece of fabric: in addition to the export products, where the instructions (trademarks) and the factory inspection stamps are generally the opposite. Most fabrics have obvious differences on the front and back sides, but there are also many fabrics whose front and back sides are very similar, and both sides can be applied. Therefore, it is not desirable to distinguish the front and back sides of such fabrics.