What Is It Oxford Fabric?

Update:10 Aug 2021

Oxford Fabric was founded by the textile merchant and m […]

Oxford Fabric was founded by the textile merchant and manufacturer Thomas Henry Oxford in 1825. Oxford Fabric has come a long way since its humble beginnings. Now it is considered the standard by which all other fabrics are measured. Oxford Fabric is a form of tailored dress shirt material, used to create smart-casual dress shirts, occasionally referred to as Oxford shirts, worn particularly on formal to casual occasions. The Oxford Fabric label is very broad, but includes such brands as Calvin Klein, Burberry London, Diesel London, Ralph Lauren London, Aquascutum, Diesel Men'swears, and D&G London among others. The Oxford brand, therefore, encompasses a very wide range of products for men of all ages and sizes.

Oxford Fabric has been made by the following designers: Christopher Kane, John Lewis, Christopher Kane & Friends, David Austin, David Anthony, Dolce & Gabbana, Hector Lopes, Jacob Lofland, Marc Jacobs, Moncler, Paul Mulchrese, Ralph Lauren, and Vera Bradley. Oxford Fabric was initially a cotton blend, but it is now available in a wide array of colors, and patterns. The Oxford Fabric shirts are designed with a relaxed fit and long length in mind and are comfortable and trendy, suitable for both formal and casual wear. Some Oxford Fabric shirts include a V-neck or double-neck collar.

Many of the Oxford Fabric shirts and blouses are produced with high quality cotton and are finished with Oxford fabric and are machine washable. The fabric is also coated with nylon and polyester for added comfort, durability, and wash-ability. The coated fabrics are often dyed in different colors, usually one main color and several complimentary colors.

Oxford Fabric is a fine woven fabric of cotton/ nylon. The Oxford Fabric shirts and blouses are more fitted and boxy than their cotton counterparts. They are made from a finer grade of cotton, and thus the cloth is more durable and resists wrinkles much better than regular cotton cloths. The canvas that is used to create the Oxfords is much finer and stronger than other forms of canvas, and thus provides an outstanding degree of comfort.

As it is very lightweight, Oxford fabric is ideal for light garments such as shirts, sweaters, and jackets. The fabric is also used in some forms of sports clothing as well, as it is sturdier and stronger than other forms of canvas, such as cotton duck canvas. For example, Oxfords and leather jackets are manufactured entirely out of Oxford Fabric, rather than cotton duck canvas. A popular type of sports coat is the leather bomber jacket that is made from genuine leather, and which is also manufactured out of the softer and more luxurious Oxford Fabric.

Other fabrics like cotton shirts do not have quite the same amount of breathability as Oxford Fabric. However, since the fabric is generally heavier, it does breathe much better than cotton shirts, and therefore many prefer it for everyday use rather than heavy down jackets or sweaters. Additionally, it is generally more durable than cotton shirts, and because of the finer canvas that is used, Oxford Fabric is typically a little less expensive than cotton shirts. It is also worth noting that Oxford Fabric has become extremely popular in the past few years because of its sustainability as a textile.