What is the curliness of knitted fabrics?

Update:21 Jun 2021

  What is the curling property of knitted fabrics? […]


What is the curling property of knitted fabrics? What should I do with knitted fabric curling?

What is the hemming of knitted fabrics? When some knitted fabrics are in a free state, their edges will be wrapped. This phenomenon is called hemming. This is caused by the internal stress of the curved line segment in the coil trying to straighten the line segment. Inside the knitted fabric, the loops are interconnected and restrained each other, and their bending cannot be restored. However, on the edge of some knitted fabrics, a section of the loop is not restrained, and the yarn tries to straighten and cause curling.

Hemming is related to factors such as the structure of the knitted fabric, yarn elasticity, linear density, twist and loop length.

What to do with knitted fabric curling?

Not all knitted fabrics have hemming properties, but only fabrics with individual weaves such as weft jerseys. For this kind of fabric, you can pull the edges, insert ribs, or insert ribs or The solution is to piping and insert adhesive interlining strips on the edge of the garment. The hemming of some knitted fabrics has been eliminated during the finishing process of the fabric, which avoids the trouble of template design.

After the fabrics that are easily deformed are cut, the adhesive lining should be attached to the neckline and other parts that are easy to stretch and deform for the next setting treatment.

1 Make a thin paste with flour, taking care not to have bumps. The pimple sticks to the cloth and dries, which will threaten the needle. Use an old toothbrush as a spare brush.

2 Draw a good look on the cloth, then use a toothbrush dipped in the paste to brush a layer on the lines of the cloth, and let it dry before use.

First, the cloth that has not been processed before, the curling is very strong.