What is the difference between pure polyester and polyester plus spandex fabrics?

Update:01 Mar 2021

  What is the difference between pure polyester an […]


What is the difference between pure polyester and polyester plus spandex fabrics? Because of the flexibility of the two. In general, fabrics with better elasticity have a smoother feel than those with lower elasticity. The characteristics of pure polyester fabrics are the same as those of polyester fibers, and polyester fibers have such characteristics. If you add a spandex blend, the woven fabric will partly have the characteristics of spandex fiber, that is, the hand feel is softer, the elasticity is better, and so on.

The difference between polyester and spandex:

1. Polyester:

Characteristics: Polyester is an artificial fiber, with the characteristics of artificial fiber, high strength, strong pressure resistance, heat resistance, and the strength can be maintained at 60% to 70% when exposed to the sun for a thousand hours, but Fabric made of polyester has poor moisture absorption.

Uses: Because polyester is an artificial fiber, it can be blended with cotton, linen and wool to make various fabrics. Because of its strong pressure resistance and resistance to sun exposure, it can be made into fishing nets, ropes, tire cords, etc. in industry, and can also be used as an insulating material.

2. Spandex:

Characteristics: Like polyester, spandex is also an artificial fiber, but the biggest difference with polyester is that spandex is not pressure resistant. The common point with polyester is that it has poor moisture absorption. Spandex has its unique characteristics. Its elasticity is very good. Professional tests have shown that spandex can extend 5 to 7 times its original length, and it is resistant to light and abrasion.

Uses: Spandex is most famous for its elasticity. With its elasticity, it is widely used in underwear, underwear, tights, casual wear and sportswear. It is also used in the medical field: bandages are also made of spandex.