What is the difference between satin and cotton?

Update:22 Mar 2021

  The difference between satin and cotton satin Wh […]


The difference between satin and cotton satin What is cotton satin? Satin and cotton are often the two most commonly contrasted fabrics when people choose fabrics. The price of cotton is low, the hand feels comfortable, and it has the function of deodorization, while the satin is elegant and elegant, and the luster is fine. So today, I will briefly introduce what the two fabrics are and what are the differences.

First, what kind of fabric is cotton satin?

1. What kind of fabric is satin?

The satin fabric is also called satin fabric, which is a kind of fabric with a very complicated weaving process. It is mainly woven by warp yarns and weft yarns under the requirement of at least three yarns interweaving once. The density of satin is about 173x124cm, which is a combed fabric. In addition, the satin was mainly used as a tribute to the royal family in ancient times, so the satin was named after it.

2. What kind of fabric is cotton

Cotton refers to fabrics with a cotton content of more than 95%. Cotton fabrics generally include plain cloth, poplin, twill and so on. The cotton fabric has good air permeability and is comfortable to wear. In addition, the price of cotton is lower and it is relatively close to the people.

Second, the difference between satin and cotton

The cotton fabric feels very good to the touch, and has the characteristics of close-fitting comfort, strong water absorption, deodorization and washing resistance. However, it is undeniable that many cotton fabrics have some fatal shortcomings of shrinkage or fading. This shrinkage phenomenon is inevitable even after anti-shrinkage treatment. Therefore, it is likely to cause inconvenience to our use.

The feel of the satin is very soft and delicate. From the surface, the satin is very smooth and full of luster. Sateen is more comfortable and feels better than cotton. In addition, satin fabric is heavier than plain or twill fabric, so it also has good abrasion resistance. Usually, the satin surface is decorated with some elegant and beautiful jacquard or embroidery, the colors are bright and noble, and it reflects a very high-end feeling.