What is the fabric of single-sided jacquard composite Shu velvet

Update:29 Apr 2020

  What is the fabric of single-sided jacquard comp […]


What is the fabric of single-sided jacquard compound Shu velvet? The single-sided jacquard compound Shu cotton velvet is also called weft-knitted coral velvet. It has the characteristics of soft feel, no lint, no ball, and a variety of styles. It is a popular knitted fabric that has emerged in the past two years. It is widely used in the production and processing of clothing, toys, bedding products, and is favored by domestic and foreign garment factories, supermarkets, and traders.

The production technology of Shu lint was originally from the United States, and the technology was later introduced to South Korea and not long ago to China. Single-faced jacquard compound Shu velvet is a single-cell fiber formed by thickening and enrichment of the epidermal cells of cottonseed ovule. The main component is cellulose, and some varieties have a content of more than 90%. Short velvet with a length of more than 13mm can be used for spinning, and shorter than 13mm can be used as cellulose raw material.

It is similar to fleece, but also has a silky plush texture with good warmth retention. It is mostly used for stuffed toys, blankets and clothes lining, and it is also popular on the surface of gifts and casual shoes. It is produced by polyester circular yarn (small and medium-sized) through weaving and brushing, and the final dyeing process is cost.

Compared with fleece, single-faced jacquard composite velvet has the same plushness, warmth and environmental protection, but the cost is lower than fleece, and the ratio of defective products in the production process is easy to control. The market is gradually becoming a reasonable substitute for fleece.

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