What kind of fabric is cationic chiffon?

Update:08 Mar 2021

  What kind of fabric is cationic chiffon? The adv […]


What kind of fabric is cationic chiffon? The advantage of cationic chiffon is that this fabric uses a fine plain weave structure. Its warp is made of polyester 50D and the weft is made of cationic FDY68D. It is first woven on a water jet loom and then processed by alkali reduction and dyeing to make.

In comparison, the main advantage of this fashionable fabric is that it has good cationic effect, less contact with the body and skin, and also has excellent air permeability, strong cooling feeling, comfortable wearing, and no side effects. Therefore, it is loved by many consumers in the market. It can not only make men's and women's shirts, but also ladies' casual wear, with beautiful appearance and rich colors.

What is chiffon yarn? The characteristics of chiffon yarn, the warp and weft threads of chiffon yarn fabric are twisted by polyester FDY100D, and then steamed and untwisted by special sizing process. The fabric structure adopts plain weave changes. In addition to the advantages of soft, smooth, breathable and easy to wash, chiffon products have stronger comfort and better drape. The fabric can be dyed, printed, embroidered, bronzed, wrinkled, etc.

Chiffon fabrics take a variety of light colors and light plain colors as the leading products, and have the beauty of lightness and elegance. The width of the fabric is 150cm, and the weight per meter is about 130 grams. It is one of the ideal fashion fabrics for making spring and summer fashionable women.

Chiffon yarn characteristics:

Compared with other materials such as cotton, chiffon has good abrasion resistance, is not easy to pilling, has stable dimensions and is not easy to wrinkle.

And the texture of chiffon is light, thin and transparent, and the hand feels soft and flexible. The appearance is light and elegant, with good air permeability and drape. The clothes made of chiffon are elegant and comfortable to wear, and the upper body is finished, which is elegant and charming, solemn and elegant. It is very feminine, and it is the icing on the cake for ladies.

Chiffon yarn adopts environmentally friendly dyeing and anti-static processing, which is a superior clothing fabric.