What kind of fabric is woven fabric

Update:15 Jun 2021

What kind of fabric is a woven fabric? From the appeara […]

What kind of fabric is a woven fabric? From the appearance point of view, the horizontal and vertical yarns are distributed vertically, and the fabrics interwoven according to a certain rule belong to woven fabrics. The basic organization refers to the simplest and most basic organization among various organizations, which constitutes the basis of various changes and fancy organizations. The basic organization of woven fabrics mainly includes plain weave, twill weave and satin weave. Let's understand the main content together.

Let's first understand the main characteristics of plain weave. Among all organizations, this kind of organization has the simplest structure. Its main feature is that the organization law is one up and down, and the two lines alternate to form a complete organization. The warp and weft yarns of the plain weave have the most interlacing points and the yarns are buckled. Therefore, this type of woven fabric has a flat surface, a firm body, a firm texture, and a compact appearance, but it has a hard hand feeling and low elasticity.

In the actual production of this woven fabric, different methods will be adopted according to the requirements of different uses, such as the thickness of warp and weft yarns, the change of warp and weft yarn density, and the different combinations of twists, twist directions and colors. Configuration, etc., can obtain various special appearance effects.

The twill weave type woven fabrics are also very common. The main feature of this organizational structure is that the short floating lengths in the warp direction or the short floating lengths in the weft direction are arranged in a stepwise manner, forming a continuous diagonal line on the surface of the fabric. The movement of each warp yarn is the same, but the starting point is different.

In comparison, the structure of satin weave is more complicated. This type of woven fabric has only one single weave point on each warp (or weft). In addition, there is a certain distance between the individual organization points on two adjacent yarns, and they are shielded by the warp float or weft float on both sides. This kind of woven fabric has a smooth surface, good luster and soft texture.