What to do with wool suit pilling

Update:21 Jul 2020

  What about pilling in wool suits? What should I […]


What about pilling in wool suits? What should I do if my wool suit becomes moldy? Wool suits are not recommended to be washed frequently, but sometimes the clothes will change due to improper storage.

Wool suits will pilling if you don’t pay attention to them when you wear them. Basically, fabrics containing wool will have pilling, so you must be careful not to rub frequently when you wear them, and be gentle when you wash them. Rub.

1. Wear the pilling clothes or spread them flat on a hard object (it is more convenient to wear). If there are pillings on the back of the clothes, wear the clothes backwards so that the back of the clothes is on the chest.

2. Use a razor to move in the same direction at the pilling place (some fabrics should be lightly), the small ball will be sucked into the razor or integrated into the razor after a few back and forth.

3. Clean the inside of the razor or remove the integrated large ball by hand. Change to a place where there is a ball and continue to repeat the above (this method may be slower to clean, but the clothes are less prone to pilling and shiny than before).

What to do if wool suits are moldy:

There are two main solutions:

1. The mildew on the clothes can be exposed to the sun first, then use a brush to remove the mildew, and then wash off with alcohol, or scrub with mung bean sprouts.

2. Put the mildew-contaminated suit into thick soapy water, take it out with soapy water, put it in the sun for a while, and soak it several times.