Which is better, organza or chiffon

Update:25 Jan 2021

  Which is better, organza or chiffon? Chiffon is […]


Which is better, organza or chiffon? Chiffon is a spinning product among silk products, with the characteristics of light, thin, transparent, soft and elegant fabric. Organ yarn is also called Kogan yarn. It is similar to real silk products. Organ yarn is very hard, but the color is bright after dyeing and the texture is light. Both have their own characteristics, depending on different clothing needs.

Although these two materials are used to make clothes, the types of clothes used for the two are different. Generally speaking, organza is used to make dresses, especially for wedding dresses. Many of them are made of this material. And chiffon has more uses than the former. It can be made into tops or coats. Of course, skirts are also possible. Therefore, the latter is more versatile than the former.

Organza fabric composition
The components of organza include all polyester, all nylon and polyester nylon, polyester and rayon, and nylon and rayon interwoven. Plain weave, transparent. After dyeing, the color is bright and the texture is light. Similar to real silk products, organza is very hard. As a chemical fiber lining and fabric, it is not only used for making wedding dresses, but also for making curtains, dresses, Christmas tree ornaments, and various accessories. The bag can also be used to make ribbons. Through post-processing such as: creasing, flocking, bronzing, coating, etc., it has more styles and a wider range of applications.

Features of Organza
The characteristics of organza fabric one
It is explained on Baidu that Ou Gen yarn, also known as Kogan yarn and Organ yarn, is a kind of wedding dress fabric! According to the characteristics of organ yarn, it is divided into transparent and translucent two kinds! Generally used as satin cloth or Silk coverage!

Characteristics of organza fabric two
Generally speaking, the production process of organza is inseparable from the existence of 100% poly, 100% nylon and polyester and nylon, polyester and rayon, nylon and rayon interweaving! Create plain, transparent fabrics! And dyeing The later organza is very bright in color and light in texture. It is often used to make various fashion items! Not only for making wedding dresses, but also for making curtains, dresses, Christmas tree ornaments, various jewelry bags, etc.! Can also be used for making Ribbon!