Which is better, Oxford spinning or pure cotton?

Update:09 Jun 2020

  Which is better, Oxford spinning or pure cotton? […]


Which is better, Oxford spinning or pure cotton? Each has advantages and disadvantages. The oxford fabric is harder, thicker and warmer, and its version is very good. It is not easy to deform and wrinkles. Because of the fabric, there are so many colors of Oxford spinning, and people are willing to buy it.

Pure cotton shirts are comfortable to wear, soft, and sweat-absorbent, but pure cotton shirts are particularly prone to wrinkling, deforming, dyeing, or discoloring, which is its disadvantage.

Oxford spinning is a traditional combed cotton fabric, the material is mainly polyester or nylon, its versatile and versatile new fabrics, mainly in the market: sleeve, full elastic, nylon, Tig and other varieties. The traditional combed cotton fabric, which originated in England and named after Oxford University, started around 1900.

Pure cotton fabrics are textiles made of cotton as raw materials, interweaving horizontally and vertically by warp and weft yarns through a loom. At present, according to the actual source of processed cotton, it can be divided into primary cotton fabric and recycled cotton fabric.

① Natural white cloth: ordinary cloth, fine cloth, coarse cloth, canvas, twill grey cloth, primary color cloth.

② Colored cloth: there are vulcanized blue cloth, vulcanized ink cloth, Shilin blue cloth, Shilin gray cloth, color poplin, various color cards, and various colors.

③ Flower cloth: cloth printed with various colors and patterns. Such as: plain printed cloth, printed twill cloth, printed serge, printed tribute.

④ Yarn-dyed fabric: it is a yarn or thread that is dyed first and then woven on the machine into fabrics such as checkered fabrics, quilts, flannels, threads, decorative fabrics, etc.