Which material is better, cotton or chiffon?

Update:28 Dec 2020

  Which material is better, cotton or chiffon? Whi […]


Which material is better, cotton or chiffon? Which is cooler, cotton or chiffon?

1. Cotton and linen are more breathable than chiffon
This comparison should be conditional. It depends on what you use. Cotton and linen have good air permeability and are natural products. Generally, there is no irritation, but they are prone to wrinkles. Chiffon is made of chemical products, and the quality varies greatly, but it is easy to take care of.

2. Chiffon styles are richer and more beautiful than cotton and linen
Chiffon is easy to cut, the style is richer, and it is easy to create a fluttering feeling
Plain and simple cotton and linen shirts are very fresh and rustic. Not only are they comfortable and breathable, they are also refreshing and pleasant to look at by others. They can be matched with cotton and linen shorts, denim shorts, and short skirts to easily interpret various styles, and it is loose The design is not easy to choose the figure, and everyone can easily control it; the light and elegant chiffon shirt can have a variety of choices, it can be a colorful floral or an elegant pure color shirt. You can work with lace to create a sweet princess look, or you can pair it with cowboys to perform casual street style. Cool and comfortable chiffon, sweat-absorbing and breathable cotton and linen, really can't be less.

3. The style of cotton and linen is different from chiffon
Cotton and linen tend to be classical and indifferent. Mori girl style notes, chiffon tends to be fairy style, so their styles are different, depending on which one you prefer, cotton and linen dignified, simple sling and thin This shawl is printed with classical ink paintings, which is faintly with classical feelings, very gentle and graceful.

4. The price of cotton and linen is different from that of chiffon
The price of cotton and linen is still cheaper than chiffon. The reason why chiffon is so welcome is also related to its cost performance. The price of cotton and linen is often more expensive, half of which is several hundred yuan, but chiffon The price only needs tens of yuan.