Why does the fabric shrink?

Update:25 Sep 2020

Have you all encountered this situation before? Buy clo […]

Have you all encountered this situation before? Buy clothes that fit well. Once you wash them, the clothes will become shorter, and we won't fit them anymore. This situation is called "shrinkage". The shrinkage of clothes is due to the shrinkage of the fabrics made of clothes, such as cotton mercerized plain cloth and cotton mercerized twill and cotton plain plain cloth, ordinary worsted woolen cloth and silk crepe de chine, etc. We use natural fibers such as pure cotton woven fabrics. shrink. Because the fabric is subjected to some mechanical stretching during the production and processing process, after this natural fiber is stretched and stretched, once it is rubbed and washed with water, there will be a natural shrinkage process. Because the processing process of different fibers is different, the shrinkage rate of various types of fabrics is also large or small. The smallest shrinkage rate is synthetic fiber and blended textiles, followed by wool, linen, and cotton fabrics in the middle, silk fabrics shrink more, and the largest is viscose fiber, rayon, and artificial wool fabrics. Of course, some garment production and processing plants immerse the fabric in water for pre-shrinking before cutting and processing garments. In this way, the seam of a garment can be kept very flat and the size is stable.

Shrinkage rate generally refers to the percentage of fabric shrinkage after immersion and washing of clothing. According to the textile fabric manufacturer, the shrinkage rate is related to the fabric and organization structure:

1. Natural fibers such as cotton, wool, silk, and linen have relatively large moisture absorption, so the shrinkage rate is also large; while the moisture absorption of polypropylene, polyester and other chemical fibers is small, so the shrinkage rate is also small.

2. The tightness and looseness of the fabric structure will also affect the degree of shrinkage, and the shrinkage rate of the loose structure clothing is generally larger than that of the tighter structure. Try not to buy pure fiber clothes because of the shrinkage rate. It is still comfortable with cotton and wool.

Tips for reducing the shrinkage of clothes:

1. Use washing powder or soap as little as possible when washing clothes and use softeners as appropriate.

2. Soak in light salt water for about half an hour before washing, and then wash with cold water; for clothes that have shrunk, you can wrap the clothes on a large cardboard to open them, and then iron them with an iron to restore the original shape.

3. Dry cleaning.