Will chiffon fabrics pilling?

Update:11 Jan 2021

  Will chiffon fabrics pilling? Why does chiffon g […]


Will chiffon fabrics pilling? Why does chiffon generate static electricity? Chiffon will not pilling.

Chiffon is classified into real silk chiffon and artificial silk chiffon. The artificial silk chiffon is generally made of 100% polyester, while the real silk is made of 100% mulberry silk. Due to the sparse warp and weft of the fabric, it is particularly easy to breathe. The chiffon fabric is soft, light and transparent, has a smooth and elastic feel, and has a light and clean appearance. It has good air permeability and drape, and is not easy to pilling.

Why can't chiffon pilling: Generally, polyester fabrics are easy to pilling, but there are several different types of chiffon, not all of them are 100% polyester, so it is not easy to pilling.

Why does chiffon generate static electricity:

The first cause of static electricity is the dry weather, and the hygroscopicity of chiffon fabric is relatively poor, so it is easy to generate static electricity in a dry environment. To solve this problem, as long as you pay more attention to washing clothes, moisturizing your own skin, and using some metal tools to remove static electricity.

How to deal with the static electricity of chiffon:

You may also have the experience of being electrified when wearing a chiffon skirt. Is there any way to not be electrified when wearing a chiffon? The static electricity is caused by friction between clothes and dry skin. So we can solve it from two aspects:

1. Do a good job of moisturizing the body. Wipe high-moisturizing lotions in time, and rub more on areas that are prone to friction.

2. Buy anti-static laundry detergent, add it when washing clothes, and then clean the chiffon skirt.

Is pearl chiffon fabric expensive? Is it comfortable to wear pearl chiffon fabric in summer?

Is pearl chiffon fabric expensive? Is it comfortable to wear pearl chiffon fabric in summer? In summer, wearing pearl chiffon clothes is cooler. There are many types of chiffon. Pearl chiffon is a classification of chiffon, also known as chiffon beads. It has a similar texture to composite silk chiffon and can replace each other. There is a cold feeling after skin contact, very comfortable, drape is better than ordinary chiffon, and the twist is relatively high!

Pearl chiffon is actually a kind of chiffon fabric. Chiffon fabric is a big category. Pearl chiffon is one of the varieties of chiffon, so many friends are confused. Although pearl chiffon is a kind of chiffon fabric, due to the uniqueness of chiffon fabric, it will be distinguished from ordinary chiffon fabric in actual clothing use. The pearl chiffon is called chiffon beads by some people in the industry. The pearl chiffon fabric has a very obvious graininess, but ordinary chiffon fabrics do not have it. The weight of pearl chiffon is also heavier than ordinary chiffon. More, when using a dress of the same meter, the chiffon fabric has a stronger drape and can make the dress look elegant. Compared with pearl chiffon, ordinary chiffon does not have as good drape and looks lighter. , There is no sense of elegance.