Workwear pocket fabric

Update:14 Mar 2020

  There are many types of overalls and a lot of st […]


There are many types of overalls and a lot of styles. They are not just the decoration and setting of the whole overalls. The greater value is that the pockets may bring us convenience. Today, Santa Fe believes that it will share the related knowledge of the overalls pockets. Let everyone know that it knows the result.

Xiaobian often sees the door pockets on the chest of the overalls and the sides of the lower waist.

First, let's talk to you about the side pockets of the waist. It is divided into two categories,

Side pockets at the waist: one is a dark pocket, the dark pocket is the opening on the outside, making a pocket, and then making the pocket cloth inside the garment.

The other type is the open pocket. From the dark pocket, everyone can think of the way to open the pocket. In fact, the open pocket is to directly sew a piece of cloth on the outside, and then make the shape of the door pocket.

Pockets on the chest: The pockets above the chest are all clear pockets, followed by a flap.

Of course, there are also some dark pockets. Some of them also have invisible pocket fabric(pocketing fabric). They mainly flow out of the mouth at the splicing of the chest, and the pockets are clothed inside, and then sealed with a hidden zipper.

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